People with social anxiety often wonder what help to get for their problems, and what is the best therapy for Social Anxiety. With such heavily saturated market of so-called ‘quick therapies’, which ones work and which don’t?

Well, I will be honest with you:

As a Psychotherapist specializing in CBT Therapy and a Life Coach, with over 11 years in practice (and hundreds of clients), I can tell you right now that quick fixes don’t work.

If you’re starting your search for help on Google (and that’s where most of us will start), and type in ‘best therapy for social anxiety’, chances are the ad search results will point to:

‘100%, fast removal of your anxiety’, or ‘wake up tomorrow with no anxiety’.

How credible do you think these ‘methods’ are?

You may have already learned the hard way (and costly way) that they don’t work.

Think about it:

If you’ve had social anxiety for 5 years, how will an hour of lying down (hypnotherapy) REMOVE your anxiety?

I have tried loads of different psychotherapy approaches to social anxiety, creating my own step-by-step Anxiety Recovery Journey for my clients.

I always say:

Anxiety recovery isn’t a destination; it’s a journey.

The best therapy for social anxiety, at least in my experience, is a combination of evidence-based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Life / Business Coaching.

While the CBT therapy takes care of our deeply ingrained psychological processes, Life and Business Coaching add strong forward-thinking elements, like ‘Assertiveness Training’ that CBT alone wouldn’t provide.

What I’ve learned, through feedback of my clients and watching their Anxiety Journeys, is that these therapy modalities really work well together and provide the results my clients want to achieve.

For the best therapy results from Social Anxiety Therapy, I do encourage my clients to select one of my Anxiety Recovery Programs, as that gives us a fair chance, and enough time, to follow the therapy and change process.

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