Welcome to “30 Days to a Happier Life: A Digital Wellbeing Journal”, a practical and thoughtful journal for tracking and improving your well-being.

This journal includes 30 good habits to add to your life, a wheel of life to track your overall well-being, goal setting section for areas of improvement, and daily morning and evening check-in sheets with prompts for gratitude and self-reflection.

Each day has a notes section for added reflection. There is also a reflection section at the end of the 30 days to evaluate your progress, assess the habits you’ve added to your life, and plan for your future well-being.

This journal is perfect if you’re just getting into journaling and well-being. I designed it to provide gentle, supportive and cozy guidance through your day.

You will find daily check-ins, evening check-ins, and a wheel of life to set and track your goals.

It encourages gentle reflection and getting to know yourself little bit better. By adding good habits to your life, you’ll get to take a look at current areas where you’re happy, and where you could do with an improvement.

Most importantly, this journal is designed with anxiety and worry in mind. It won’t overwhelm you with tasks and prompts; it becomes your trusted friend.

This is a digital format of the journal (book format available via Amazon).

It’s perfect for anyone looking to improve their well-being or simply want to live a happier life.

Start your journey to a happier life today with the “30 Days to a Happier Life: A Wellbeing Journal”!

Journal details:

1. This journal is designed in a simple cream colour;
2. This is a DIGITAL product that you will be able to download in seconds;
3. The full download will be a PDF file;
4. Print out as many copies of your worksheets as you like;
5. Total number of pages you’ll download: 36 pages, including cover;
6. This journal is not for resale. I All the copy rights are owned by https://anxietycurse.com.
7. Journal is written and designed by a professional therapist and coach Ivana Franekova, specializing in Anxiety;

Paper copy of this journal is available via all Amazon platforms.

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*Please note as this is a digital product, I’m unable to offer any refunds on purchases. I provide clear guide illustrations in the above gallery, so that you know what you’re getting in your download.

I own all copy rights. Any reselling of my guide is prohibited.

Prefer a book form? I get you!

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30 Days Wellbeing Journal

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