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Psychotherapy (CBT Therapy) And Life Coaching Programs for Professionals struggling with Social Anxiety, Worry & People-Pleasing

Are your Fears and Worries stopping you from living your life to full and achieving your dreams?

Let’s find out- how many of these do you identify with?

  • I can’t sleep at night, because I worry so much;

  • My self-confidence and self-esteem plummeted because of my Anxiety;

  • I fear situations I have tolerated before;

  • I’m turning to food, alcohol or drugs to help me cope with stress & Anxiety;

  • I’m finding it hard to deal with physical and psychological symptoms of Anxiety;

  • I’m not able to tolerate feeling like this- I feel like I’m going crazy;

  • I feel like my Anxiety is taking over my life;

  • I’m living with constant doubts, fears and ‘what ifs’ in my head;

  • People started commenting how stressed and unwell I look;

  • My work is negatively impacted- I’m so tired, I tend to procrastinate and not do my work.

If you ticked a few boxes, it’s time for CHANGE.

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Explore Anxiety Programs:

*Overcome Social Anxiety* Program

10 Weeks Program

90-Minute Weekly Sessions

Overcome Social Anxiety & Get Your Life Back

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*Mastery Of Worry* Program

8 Weeks Program

60-Minute Weekly Sessions

Overcome Excessive, Uncontrollable Worrying

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*Assertiveness Workshop*

Powerful Communications Training Workshop

‘Best Workshop Ever’ (Regular Feedback)

For Individuals + Companies

Stand Up For What You Believe In

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Short Workshops & Courses:

*Practical Ways To Reduce Anxiety Symptoms*

2-Hour-Long, Group Live Workshop

Learn how to remove crushing physical symptoms of Anxiety

Choice of dates

Just £79

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‘I want to thank Ivana for the support she gave me over the sessions I had with her. I’ve come away with a box of tools that I feel confident to use and they are already becoming a good habit. It is really amazing how much you can figure out with guidance, support and the right people to show you how. I love the tips and tricks I’ve learnt from Ivana, in addition to some of the deeper work we did in managing anxiety. A really good spend of my time, and I’d recommend Ivana to anyone who is committed to rolling up your sleeves and doing the work to understand more about yourself.’

Kiran M.

“I was off work for 6 years when I met Ivana, that’s how bad my anxiety was. I tried traditional weekly therapy before, but it did not work for me. I was motivated during sessions, but straight after I was back to my lack of motivation and procrastination. Ivana offered a full-on, intensive approach that worked for me. We worked together for 3 months. I’m now back at work and planning to start my own business.”

Janet P.

How I work:

Blended CBT Therapy & Life Coaching Approach:

In my practice, I combine CBT Therapy with Life Coaching, as this combination works really well for my clients.
I only work with clients who are determined to work hard and get that Anxiety under control. My approach is about rolling your sleeves up and master new skills, so if you’re looking for a quick fix, this won’t be for you.

CBT Therapy (Psychotherapy):

The key idea behind CBT Therapy is that what we think (cognitive) and what we do (behavioural) impacts the way we feel.
Anxiety may feel like ‘we’re stuck in a vicious cycle we can’t get out of’. CBT tools and techniques break that vicious cycle and introduce you to new ways of managing anxious situations. In other words, CBT Therapy works on and with Anxiety itself.

Life Coaching:

Life Coaching looks at the IMPACT of Anxiety on your life. Depending on what areas are affected, I may introduce you to:
Relaxation Skills; Self-Care Skills; Personal & Professional Development skills; Building resources and support networks; Effective Communication skills; And much more.

*Start learning today- view my range of free workshops:

*Understanding Social Anxiety*

FREE, One-Hour-Long Workshop

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*Understanding Worry*

FREE, One-Hour-Long Workshop

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Deliver Successful Presentation

When You Struggle With Social Anxiety

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Procrastination Workshop

+ 6 Step Procrastination Action Plan

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6 Ways To Say *NO* Assertively

FREE, One-Hour-Long Workshop

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What types of Anxiety do you help with?2021-10-31T06:39:46+00:00

I specialize in Social Anxiety and GAD (General Anxiety Disorder), which may feel like you’re unable to stop worrying.

Anxiety issues affect many other personal and professional areas of our lives: be it low self-confidence, inability to act in an assertive manner, fear of things/ situations that stop us from living life to full.

During therapy & coaching, we look at ALL affected areas to give you, in effect, ‘your life back’.

Can you really help me?2021-07-18T07:24:15+01:00

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is a number 1 Mental Health therapy recommended by GP’s in the UK (please check with your doctor/ general practitioner if you’re contacting me from abroad), so you’re in good hands.

In addition, my extensive Life Coaching, Corporate/ Executive Coaching background and Mindfulness expertise gives you a range of options to suit your individual style and find what truly works for you.

The success of your Anxiety Recovery depends on our mutual collaboration: I provide tools, techniques and a healing space for you to achieve your goals. CBT Therapy is a skill-based therapy, so your progress will depend on how much you practice and implement these new skills into your life.

Where are you based?2021-06-26T07:42:54+01:00

Since Covid pandemic, I have been providing Online therapy & support only. I find there are many benefits to Online Therapy; from you being able to attend your session from wherever you are, to having your sessions recorded for future reference. The only requirement for Online delivery is a working internet, ideally Wi-Fi.

Do I need to live in the UK to work with you?2022-06-11T06:00:49+01:00

I provide Online Therapy & Coaching, so you can attend your sessions from wherever you are based. Things to consider for International clients: time difference (I work from 9 am till 5 pm UK time), and therapy must paid for in British Pounds or Euros only.

Book a Complimentary Phone Consultation:

CBT Therapist & Life Coach Ivana Franekova In Media:

Over the years, I have appeared in a number of UK publications, giving expert advice on Anxiety, Stress, Worry and Relationships.

Publications include:

Marie Claire, Women’s Health, The Psychologies, Metro, The Sybarite & many more:

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