Take control of your worry with this Digital “Postponing Worry: A Digital Step-By-Step Guide with Workbook”.

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed by worry?

This comprehensive, downloadable guide and workbook provides a detailed, actionable plan for mastering the art of postponing worry.

You’ll learn the difference between productive and unproductive worry, and the techniques for recognizing and breaking the cycle of worry that keeps you stuck.

The guide also includes a detailed explanation of the “what” and “why” of worry, and the “how” and “when” of postponing it. The included workbook provides worksheets and exercises to help you put these techniques into practice, and track your progress.

You’ll also discover the powerful Worry Jar method, a tool for managing and reducing worry. Easy to understand and implement, this guide will help you reduce anxiety and stress, and increase your ability to focus on daily tasks and enjoy them.

Stop letting worry control your life and start taking control with “Postponing Worry: A Step-By-Step Guide with Workbook.”

Order your copy today and start your journey to a worry-free life.

Guide details:

1. This book is designed in stunning purple and yellow combination (other colours available, including plain black and white);
2. This is a DIGITAL product that you will be able to download in seconds;
3. The full download is split into 3 parts: Guide part 1, Guide part 2 and Workbook. Please make sure you download all 3;
4. Print out as many copies of your worksheets as you like;
5. Total number of pages you’ll download: 67 pages, including cover;
6. This book is not for resale. I All the copy rights are owned by https://anxietycurse.com.
7. Book is written and designed by a professional therapist and coach Ivana Franekova, specializing in Anxiety;

Paper copy of this book is available via all Amazon platforms.

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*Please note as this is a digital product, I’m unable to offer any refunds on purchases. I provide clear guide illustrations in the above gallery, so that you know what you’re getting in your download.

I own all copy rights. Any reselling of my guide is prohibited.

*Prefer a book form? Self-Help Guide on ‘Postponing Worry’ Available Now on Amazon!

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