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Let me start with a question:

How long have you struggled with Social Anxiety?

Chances are, by the time you seek help for Social Anxiety, you may have been struggling like this for 10 years or more (based on statistics).

Just imagine, in under 3 months, you’d be able to:

  • Attend events and parties, and actually enjoy being there;

  • Confidently express your thoughts and opinions without any worry of judgement or disapproval;

  • Reach new heights in your career and personal relationships (no longer people-pleasing, ‘power syndrome’ and more);

  • Feel relaxed and confident when attending interviews, speaking up in meetings, and delivering presentations;

  • Enjoy your time spent family, friends, and colleagues with no fear or anxiety;

  • And much more!

*Overcome Social Anxiety* Program works with Psychotherapy and Coaching tools to successfully disrupt the roots of your Social Anxiety.

It alters the way you think, feel and consequently behave. It gives you control over your Anxiety.

Social Anxiety signs to look out for:

  • You are avoiding or escaping situations that make you anxious;

  • You are a people-pleaser;

  • You are unable to express your thoughts and feelings in an open manner, without fear of judgement;

  • At work, you are unable to give | receive feedback and ask for a promotion;

  • You are not able to speak up in meetings and/or deliver presentations.

Ready to find out more, and how the program can help you? Book a complimentary consultation:

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Key Program Details:

  • Free Consultation;

  • Start immediately;

  • Weekly 90-minute sessions;

  • Clear objectives and goals are set out for each of the 10 sessions;

  • Each step of the way is OBSERVED, MEASURED AND ADJUSTED;

  • Relapse & Prevention Plan for the future;

  • Blueprint (Detailed Summary) of all the therapy and coaching techniques used during your program;

  • Online Delivery Only (Skype, Zoom).

*Overcome Social Anxiety* Program runs over 10 weeks (up to 3 months).

Program Outline:

  • Week 1: Understanding Social Anxiety

  • Week 2: Overcoming Negative Thinking

  • Week 3: Overcoming Avoidance

  • Week 4: Behavioral Stepladder- Trying New Things Out

  • Week 5: Safety Behaviors- Are They Holding You Back?

  • Week 6: The role of Attention and Focus

  • Week 7: Physical Aspects: Breathing, Muscle Relaxation;

  • Week 8: Challenging Core Beliefs;

  • Week 9: Strengthening New Beliefs;

  • Week 10: Putting It All Together- Staying Healthy- Future Setback Management with Relapse & Prevention Plan


Can I cancel my program and get a refund if I feel it isn’t for me?2022-04-11T13:51:20+01:00

You are able to cancel your program and receive a full refund if you cancel at least 3 days before the program starts.

You can CANCEL YOUR PROGRAM, if you feel it’s not working for you, within the first 2 weeks. The refund will be calculated according to delivered sessions, time spent arranging the program and so on. All information will be given to you when signing up to the program.

I also have the right to cancel this program if I feel you’re not putting the required work in. The success of this program is based on Theory (provided by me) AND Practice (done by you). If you don’t practice what you learn, I may suggest an alternative for you (work together on deeper, transformational level) or stop our collaboration altogether.

I would like my company to pay for my Program, is it possible?2021-06-26T07:17:17+01:00

Yes, I work with companies and organizations all over the world. Please book a complimentary consultation below to discuss corporate therapy and coaching process.

Can I just have regular sessions?2021-06-26T07:15:16+01:00

Absolutely- either book a complimentary consultation below or head over to my Home Page at https://anxietycurse.com/ for more details.

Where are you based?2021-06-26T07:42:54+01:00

Since Covid pandemic, I have been providing Online therapy & support only. I find there are many benefits to Online Therapy; from you being able to attend your session from wherever you are, to having your sessions recorded for future reference. The only requirement for Online delivery is a working internet, ideally Wi-Fi.

Book a  Complimentary Consultation:

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‘I would not hesitate to recommend Ivana to anyone who is looking for help.

Quite simply she is excellent.

From the moment you meet Ivana, you know you are dealing with someone at the top of the industry.

She has a wonderful style that makes you feel at ease straight away and she explains clearly how she can help you which gives you immediate confidence that there is light at the end of the dark tunnel you are probably in.

I was in that dark dark tunnel having reached the end of a very stressful senior executive role – CEO of a global enterprise for over a decade – and needed a lot of help.

Ivana was amazing and did not hesitate to go the extra mile in helping me overcome my challenges.

The light is now back on on in my tunnel and I have the tools I need to deal with any situation.

Don’t hesitate to go and meet Ivana – she is world class and she will help you switch your light back on and deal with your challenges.’

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