Assertiveness Workshop

With Ivana Franekova

Cognitive Behavioural Therapist, Life & Business Coach

Inspiring, Creative 3-Hours-Long Workshop, Focused On Empowering Your Self- Confidence & Assertiveness Skills

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*This workshop can also be delivered as a company group workshop for up to 10 candidates. Please contact me to discuss your requirements, thank you.

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What is Assertiveness?

Assertiveness is a communication style. It is being able to express your feelings, thoughts, beliefs and opinions in an open manner that doesn’t violate the rights of others.

Understanding Communication Styles:

Communication Styles Explained

Most common ‘lack of assertiveness’ traits:

  • You’re constantly doing things to please other people, regardless of your own needs;

  • You feel under pressure to agree with people, even if your opinion is different;

  • You allow others to criticize and belittle you;

  • You never ask for promotion;

  • You feel under pressure to do what other people tell you to do;

  • You can’t say ‘no’ to people;

  • You fear you’d come across as ‘aggressive’, not ‘assertive’ if you tried to voice your own opinion;

  • And much more.

Download ‘Assertiveness Training Workshop’ Information PDF

Why is my workshop different?

My Assertiveness training differs from other providers because it combines elements from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Life & Business Coaching. It transforms not only your assertiveness skills, but also self-confidence. The workshop empowers, inspires and, most importantly, delivers results.

What you will learn:

  • What Assertiveness is;

  • How to recognise assertive behaviour in yourself and others;

  • How to think and behave assertively;

  • Body language awareness and physical tension reduction;

  • How to say ‘No’ assertively;

  • How to deal with criticism assertively.

Communication Styles Explained

*Assertiveness Workshop is delivered Online (Zoom, Skype). Please ensure your internet is fully working prior to booking your workshop, thank you.

Download ‘Assertiveness Training Workshop’ Information PDF


£360 All Inclusive

Includes ‘Blueprint of all the tools and techniques used*

(delivered AFTER your workshop for future reference- please allow up to a week for me to prepare these, thank you)

*You also have an option for the workshop to be recorded for future reference*

Book Your Workshop:

*I offer secure online payment, using Stripe platform. All major credit/ debit cards are accepted. If you wish to have your workshop recorded, please select ‘add extra’ when booking. For cancellation/ change of date policy, please refer to ‘Terms & Conditions’, thank you.

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