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If my neighbors made too much noise, I would let them know.

Most people around me seem to be more assertive than I am.

I tend to yell at people when I don't get my way.

At lunch, if my co-worker suggested going out for Chinese and I wanted Italian, I'd probably end up giving in and we'd go for Chinese.

I have been known to lose my temper and swear at people.

I will use intimidation to ensure that I get my way.

I tend to be speechless when I am left alone with a person I find attractive.

I tend to just go along with what everyone else wants, instead of stating my own desires.

Instead of arguing, I tend to accept responsibility for other people's mistakes.

When I go out with other people, I'll do what they suggest, even if I feel like doing something else.

I feel comfortable saying no to people.

I avoid dealing with difficult situations involving confrontation.

I fear making phone calls to institutions, government agencies or businesses, because I might sound stupid if I don't understand the instructions.

When an argument is over, I replay the situation in my head, thinking of all the things I could have said, regretting that I hadn't thought of them then, or wishing I had the guts to say them.

Opinionated people make me feel uncomfortable.

I feel free to politely voice my disagreement with someone in a position of authority.

I feel threatened when dealing with someone who is very assertive.

I express my opinions, even if others in the group disagree with me.

I behave in a self-confident manner.

Talking to people in positions of authority makes me feel nervous, self-conscious, or unsure of myself.

I feel people take advantage of me.

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