This is a question every client asks before coming to therapy.

The simple answer may be:

When you can no longer tolerate physical and psychological symptoms of your Anxiety, it’s time to seek help.

But it’s very useful (and even important) to ask yourself:

1. What would be different if my Anxiety wasn’t an issue?

2. Who would I be, what would I do, what could I achieve (personally & professionally) if I had my Anxiety under control?

3. How is my Anxiety holding me back? (Not asking for work promotions, not asking the person you like out etc);

4. How many times did I escape or avoid important situations because of my Anxiety? (Not delivering work presentations etc);

5. Where would I be, financially and socially, if I had Anxiety under control? Put down numbers; let’s say you didn’t ask for that work promotion- how much did that cost you?

6. How would my life be different if I didn’t suffer from crushing PHYSICAL and PSYCHOLOGICAL symptoms of Anxiety?

Don’t just think about it- write it down. It’s time to LOOK AT REAL COSTS OF YOUR ANXIETY.

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