Ultimate Anxiety Transformation

Ultimate Anxiety Transformation Program

Theory + Practice = Success

Designed for clients who are SERIOUS about getting their Anxiety under control & getting their lives back

£2000 | Month

  • Comprehensive, blended Psychotherapy and coaching approach;

  • You receive THEORY + PRACTICE support from me;

  • We work Online (Zoom or another platform of your choice);

  • Theory: We work within 2-session (120 minutes) weekly program concept, learning new skills and techniques;

  • Practice: In-Vivo work: Real-life, anxiety-provoking situations observed by me (where possible; you may also be asked to record situations we’re testing);

  • 30 minute ‘Accountability Phone Call’ every Sunday;

  • Phone support throughout;

  • Robust Relapse & Prevention plan;

  • Blueprint of all the tools and techniques covered during program;

  • Try it for a week- if it doesn’t work for you, you can cancel your program;

  • I have a right to CANCEL your program if I see you are not ‘rolling your sleeves up’ and doing the work that’s needed. CBT Therapy is evidence-based, meaning we can measure and observe progress. Progress can only be made when you’re truly committed to change.

What will ‘Ultimate Anxiety Transformation Program’ do for me?

This program is very different to weekly sessions you may typically expect. We work within rapid coaching and learning concept, typically over 2 months and with up to (in session terms) 4 hours a week, carefully adapted to your lifestyle.

You will also receive (as part of your program) extremely vaulable ‘In-Vivo’ work, where I will personally observe your behaviour in anxious situations. This way, we can observe what’s going on and implement changes based on our mutual feedback. This is, of course, optional and carried out only where possible.

The CBT, Psychotherapy and coaching methods you learn are put into practice under my guidance. It is literally a hand-held, hands-on process, giving you greater chance of success in a faster time.

Anxiety affects may areas of our lives. You may present with Anxiety, but this may mean: being unable to control worrying and stress; being unable to speak up in social situations; being less confident on a date; struggling with self-esteem, trouble sleeping and much more.

With my program, we work on the full mind and body transformation.

How severe is your Anxiety

Work with NHS tested and proven CBT Therapy Tools, Life Coaching & Mindfullness:

The key idea behind CBT Therapy is that what we think (cognitive) and what we do (behavioural) impacts the way we feel.

When your Anxiety is out of control, it may feel like you are stuck in a vicious circle you can’t get out of. Worrying, stress, feeling sick- but it doesn’t need to be this way.

CBT tools and techniques break that vicious cycle and introduce you to new ways of managing anxious situations.

We work with your mind and body responses to reduce and remove severe psychological and physical symptoms.

Anxiety is a wonderful thing once we discover true benefits of it. But we need to learn how to work WITH it, not AGAINST it.

As a result of working with me, you will be able to manage and control your Anxiety whilst being fully aware, and grateful, for its benefits.

Welcome to the world of ‘Healthy Anxiety’.

Let’s take a look at the IMPACT of negative Anxiety on your life- how many of these do you identify with?

  • I can’t sleep at night, because I worry so much;

  • I can’t stop worrying, no matter how hard I try;

  • I fear situations I have tolerated before;

  • I’m turning to food, alcohol or drugs to help me cope with stress & Anxiety;

  • I’m finding it hard to deal with physical symptoms and psychological symptoms of Anxiety;

  • I’m not able to tolerate feeling like this- I feel like I’m going crazy;

  • I feel like Anxiety took over my life, in both personal and professional areas;

  • I’m living with constant doubts, fears and ‘what ifs’ in my head;

  • My work progress is negatively impacted as I can’t ask for promotions;

  • And much more!

Interesting facts:

We can’t get rid of Anxiety. Anxiety is a psychological reaction to events we experience. It’s there, in all of us- it’s a fact.


And THAT is what we’re working with and what needs to change:

We learn how to work WITH our Anxiety, not AGAINST.

In other words:


I’ll let you in on a little secret:

Our brains CAN NOT DISTINGUISH BETWEEN GOOD AND BAD ANXIETY. It’s the MEANING WE ASSIGN TO THE EVENTS that decides how you’re going to feel.

We can’t get rid of Anxiety; but we can LEARN TO WORK WITH IT, NOT AGAINST IT.

Anxiety, if understood and approached correctly, can actually make your life EXCITING AND GREAT. And that’s what we learn together.

Think about the last time you FELT EXCITED. Perhaps you’d had great family news. Can you remember that feeling?

Surprise surprise, it was caused by your Anxiety!

And now think back to a very recent event, where you felt anxious, worried and stressed. Can you remember how THAT felt?

Again, it was YOU who decided how you were going to feel.

Still unsure about taking that first step? (And I understand- we tend to be anxious about making important, life-changing decisions!)

Let’s do a quick reality check (and don’t just thingk about your answers, WRITE THEM DOWN to see true costs of your Anxiety):

  • What would be different if my Anxiety wasn’t an issue?

  • Who would I be, what would I do, what could I achieve (personally & professionally) if I had my Anxiety under control?

  • How is my Anxiety holding me back? (Not asking for work promotions, not asking the person you like out etc);

  • How many times did I escape or avoid important situations because of my Anxiety? (Not delivering work presentations etc);

  • Where would I be, financially and socially, if I had Anxiety under control? Put down numbers; let’s say you didn’t ask for that work promotion- how much did that cost you?

  • How would my life be different if I didn’t suffer from crushing PHYSICAL and PSYCHOLOGICAL symptoms of Anxiety?

  • Are my safety behaviours (choosing to stay as I am) STOPPING ME FROM LIVING MY LIFE TO FULL?

How severe is your Anxiety
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‘I want to thank Ivana for the support she gave me over the sessions I had with her. I’ve come away with a box of tools that I feel confident to use and they are already becoming a good habit. It is really amazing how much you can figure out with guidance, support and the right people to show you how. I love the tips and tricks I’ve learnt from Ivana, in addition to some of the deeper work we did in managing anxiety. A really good spend of my time, and I’d recommend Ivana to anyone who is committed to rolling up your sleeves and doing the work to understand more about yourself.’

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