Welcome to your True costs of living with Anxiety

What would be different if my Anxiety wasn’t an issue?

Who would I be, what would I do, what could I achieve (personally & professionally) if I had my Anxiety under control?

How is my Anxiety holding me back? (Not asking for work promotions, not asking the person you like out etc);

How many times did I escape or avoid important situations because of my Anxiety? (Not delivering work presentations etc);

Where would I be, financially and socially, if I had Anxiety under control? Put down numbers; let’s say you didn’t ask for that work promotion- how much did that cost you?

How would my life be different if I didn’t suffer from crushing PHYSICAL and PSYCHOLOGICAL symptoms of Anxiety?

Are my safety behaviours (choosing to stay as I am) STOPPING ME FROM LIVING MY LIFE TO FULL?

Am I ready to get my life back?

The *NEW ME* in 6 months' time (things I'm able to do now, the person I am, the confidence I'm feeling):