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Practical Ways To Reduce Anxiety Symptoms

Practical Ways To Reduce Anxiety Symptoms

This 2-Hour-Long, LIVE, Online (Zoom) Workshop will teach you powerful grounding techniques, helping you manage and control crushing physical symptoms of Anxiety

+ Learn how to STOP worrying

*This workshop makes a perfect Christmas Gift. Please contact me on to discuss, thank you. 

Workshop Overview:

  • 2-Hours-Long, Live Workshop (not pre-recorded);

  • Group Workshop;

  • Delivered Online (Zoom);

  • Replay available for 3 weeks;

  • The focus is on reducing physical symptoms of Anxiety (quick breathing, palpitations, feeling sick etc);

  • You will learn how your body and mind connects to each other and what happens when Anxiety ‘switch’ is turned on;

  • We will practice a range of powerful anxiety-reducing techniques;

  • How to STOP worrying: you will learn very powerful ‘Postpone Worry’ technique, which is so much fun to use and practice!

  • Looking at the benefits of ‘me’ time, and why pampering and self-care is so important;

  • You will receive Blueprint of all the tools and techniques learned;

  • Just £79 All Inclusive!

*My expertise on Worry and *Postponing Worry* Technique had been featured in *Psychologies* Magazine, UK edition, February 2022:

More publications I contributed to:

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Choose your preferred date (a replay of the workshop will be available for 3 weeks):

Let’s take a look at the IMPACT of negative Anxiety on your life- how many of these do you identify with?

  • I can’t sleep at night, because I worry so much;

  • I can’t stop worrying, no matter how hard I try;

  • I fear situations I have tolerated before;

  • I’m turning to food, alcohol or drugs to help me cope with stress & Anxiety;

  • I’m finding it hard to deal with physical symptoms and psychological symptoms of Anxiety;

  • I’m not able to tolerate feeling like this- I feel like I’m going crazy;

  • I feel like Anxiety took over my life, in both personal and professional areas;

  • I’m living with constant doubts, fears and ‘what ifs’ in my head;

  • My work progress is negatively impacted as I can’t ask for promotions;

  • And much more!

Sounds familiar?

During my workshop, you will learn valuable skills on how to manage and control:

1. Physical aspects of unhealthy Anxiety (beating heart, over-breathing, muscle tension);

2. Staying ‘present’ and in the moment (not in the future, focusing on ‘what ifs’);


3. Powerful technique called *Postponing Worry* to put a stop to your worries!

Here is what we will be learning:

1. Basics of *Mindfulness*.

Mindfulness is an incredibly powerful tool that helps us cope with worries and stresses of everyday life.

It allows us to just ‘be’, rather than think or feel (after all, we are ‘human-beings’).

It allows us to live in the present moment, rather than focusing on the past or the future (and actually remember our days!).

It reminds us of our successes (and I don’t mean financial) and our coping skills.

It enables us to *re-connect* with ourselves!

I cannot stress how important it is to set a time with yourself on daily basis, and learn how to just be.

2. How to STOP worrying:

You will learn very powerful ‘Postpone Worry’ technique, which is so much fun to use and practice!

My *Postponing Worry* technique had been featured in *Psychologies* Magazine, February 2022 issue.

Learn my step-by-step method on how to *park* your worries (NOT to push them away or ignore them), letting you, again, enjoy your day, sleep better and have a quality of life you deserve!

Interesting facts:

We can’t get rid of Anxiety. Anxiety is a psychological reaction to events we experience. It’s there, in all of us- it’s a fact.


I’ll let you in on a little secret:

Our brains CAN NOT DISTINGUISH BETWEEN GOOD AND BAD ANXIETY. It’s the MEANING WE ASSIGN TO THE EVENTS that decides how you’re going to feel.

We can’t get rid of Anxiety; but we can LEARN TO WORK WITH IT, NOT AGAINST IT.

Still unsure about signing up for the workshop at just £79 (less than a session fee)?

(And I understand- we tend to be anxious about making important decisions!)

Let’s do a quick reality check (and don’t just think about your answers, WRITE THEM DOWN to see true costs of your Anxiety):

  • What would be different if my Anxiety wasn’t an issue?

  • Who would I be, what would I do, what could I achieve (personally & professionally) if I had my Anxiety under control?

  • How is my Anxiety holding me back? (Not asking for work promotions, not asking the person you like out etc);

  • How many times did I escape or avoid important situations because of my Anxiety? (Not delivering work presentations etc);

  • Where would I be, financially and socially, if I had Anxiety under control? Put down numbers; let’s say you didn’t ask for that work promotion- how much did that cost you?

  • How would my life be different if I didn’t suffer from crushing PHYSICAL and PSYCHOLOGICAL symptoms of Anxiety?

  • Are my safety behaviours (choosing to stay as I am) STOPPING ME FROM LIVING MY LIFE TO FULL?

Ready to book?

Choose your preferred date (a replay of the workshop will be available for 3 weeks):


How do I book and pay for my workshop?2022-11-03T07:31:46+00:00

Please click on the chosen date in the booking section. 

The form will take you through the payment details- I offer a secure payment system through platform Stripe, accepting all major credit and debit cards.

You will then receive a confirmation e-mail from me with all the details, including joining link.

What if I can’t attend on the day?2022-11-03T07:33:05+00:00

If you can’t attend on the day, no worries- the replay will be available for 3 weeks, giving you plenty of time to learn how to manage your Anxiety.

Can I cancel if I no longer want to attend?2022-11-03T08:02:09+00:00

No. I do not offer cancellations, due to credit/ debit card processing fees I incur.

However, you may reschedule your workshop or use the workshop credit towards a session with me, or a different workshop.

Meet your Workshop leader:

My name is Ivana Franekova and I’m a Psychotherapist, specializing in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and a Life Coach. I’ve helped hundreds of clients regain power over Anxiety during my 12 years in practice.

You may have already watched my free workshops or read articles on various Anxiety topics I’ve written for both my website, and UK magazines and publications, including *Psychologies* magazine. What I teach works, and is based on strong Psychotherapy background, with focus on psychoeducation and skill practice in real life.

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