I wanted to share with you my own story of how I’m coping (or trying to cope) with Anxiety of moving home during Pandemic. In my ‘Practical skills for coping with Anxiety’ article, I’m sharing HOW I’m making sure my Anxiety doesn’t go through the roof, and how I keep stress levels under control.

As an Anxiety Psychotherapist and a Life Coach, you may think I don’t struggle with Anxiety. But I do- it hits me just like it hits everybody else in difficult situations.

Moving home is very stressful, let alone during pandemic. So many things to organize ‘virtually’.

The first feeling when I heard I had to move was of being overwhelmed. This is very normal for Anxiety sufferers.

Anxiety causes us to:

1. Over-Estimate the problem (or a ‘threat’);
2. And Under-Estimate our abilities to cope with it.

So I went into what I call a  ‘survival’ mode to cope with the stress and anxiety. I knew I needed to protect my mental health no matter what.

These are the practical skills for coping with Anxiety that I’ve implemented into my life so far:

1. I am DELEGATING all the tasks that I can, including turning to online food delivery and asking for help when and where I can;

2. I’m using my practical skills set to cope with anxiety, for example:

  • WHAT is so worrying about this situation; 

  • HOW to make it easier for (and ‘on’) myself;

  • WHEN can I do things (and what do I need to sacrifice);

  • WHY is it bothering me this much;

  • And WHERE to make all-important changes.

3.  When Anxiety hits at night (and I think you can probably relate to this), I am firm with myself to DEAL WITH MY QUESTIONS AND ‘WHAT IFS’ in the morning (I ALWAYS keep that promise to myself as I know MY BRAIN WON’T BELIEVE ME NEXT TIME);

4. I am getting out my notepad out and WRITING DOWN WHAT I NEED TO DO every day. This way, I may not have all the answers but I may have PARTIAL ANSWERS, keeping in mind I CAN’T PREDICT WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN.

Strangely, I thought I’d be busier than ever but having put all my problem solving skills in place, I actually freed a lot of valuable time for my clients and family.

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