Private Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy (CBT Therapy) & Life Coaching For Anxiety

Do you feel under pressure to live up to the other people’s expectations of you? Do you place unrealistic expectations on yourself to have a perfect life?

On the outside, you appear to have it together, but on the inside, it feels like you are falling apart. Situations you have previously handled with confidence are now exceedingly difficult to face. At work, the thought of delivering a presentation is a scary one and you may be resorting to cancelling or delegating the tasks that put you in a ‘spotlight’.

In your personal life, you might find it difficult to connect with others. You may feel like you simply do not know how to communicate anymore, or how to ‘fit in’. It feels easier to avoid social situations altogether or stay quiet.

It does not need to be this way. Together, we will heal the disconnection, build your resilience and develop strength from the challenges you face.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What types of Anxiety do you help with?2021-06-05T14:01:35+01:00

I specialize in ‘Social Anxiety’ mainly. This type of Anxiety covers ‘Performance/ Presentation Anxiety’, ‘Driving Anxiety’ and much more. Social Anxiety makes you feel odd, awkward or ‘unable to fit in’ in social situations, even if you know the people you’re with.

I also help with ‘General Anxiety Disorder’, which may feel like you’re unable to stop worrying.

Anxiety issues affect many other personal and professional areas of our lives: be it low self-confidence, inability to act in an assertive manner, fear of things/ situations that stop us from living life to full.

During therapy & coaching, we look at ALL affected areas to give you, in effect, ‘your life back’.

Can you really help me?2021-06-05T13:57:57+01:00

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is a number 1 Mental Health therapy recommended by GP’s in the UK (please check with your doctor/ general practitioner if you’re contacting me from abroad), so you’re in good hands.

The success of your Anxiety Recovery depends on our mutual collaboration: I provide tools, techniques and a healing space for you to find what works. You will need to invest the time needed to practice what we learn.

What are your session fees?2021-06-05T14:49:43+01:00

Your ‘Anxiety Recovery Journey’ will start with Complimentary Consultation. This is to ensure I can help with the presented issues, and also to ensure your issues would be suited to CBT Therapy/ Life Coaching.

All therapy sessions and programs are self-funded (non-NHS). 

Assessment Session is £60– I’m offering discounted first session as an opportunity for you to obtain full Anxiety assessment, to try the therapy and to see how you feel with me as a therapist.

Another reason I offer discounted first session is because many times, it’s client’s immediate family or friends that contact me and book the first session. This way, they are able to help the client take the first step towards recovery and benefit from a discount.

Individual Therapy Fees start from £115- full booking options at https://anxietycurse.com/online-booking-system/.

My ‘Anxiety Recovery Programs’ start from £690 for a 6 weeks therapy programs- full details at https://anxietycurse.com/anxiety-programs/.

Initial Complimentary Consultation and Assessment Session are crucial- they will enable us to work out the right way forward for you, based on your current circumstances, severity of your Anxiety, available time/ financial investment and much more.

Where are you based?2021-06-05T12:51:07+01:00

Since Covid pandemic, I have been providing Online therapy & support only. I find there are many benefits to Online Therapy; from you being able to attend your session from wherever you are, to having your sessions recorded for future reference. The only requirement for Online delivery is a working internet, ideally Wi-Fi.

Do I need to be in the UK to book a session?2021-06-05T12:50:49+01:00

No. Because of Online Therapy & Coaching, you can be based anywhere in the world.

Meet Your Therapist & Coach

My name is Ivana Franekova and I’m an Anxiety Therapist and Coach.

Over the past 11 years, I have been working extensively in the fields of Psychotherapy, CBT Therapy, Life Coaching and Corporate/ Executive Coaching, eventually settling on working with Anxiety. These different areas of expertise allow me to see, hear and understand you from multiple perspectives. My experience in these areas provide you with a wealth of therapy and coaching options to find what truly works for you.

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Dedication, Expertise & Experience

I specialize in:

Social Anxiety

Umbrella term for performance anxiety, driving anxiety, dating anxiety and many more. Characterised by feeling ‘odd’, ‘awkward’ or ‘different’ in social situations.

GAD (General Anxiety Disorder)

Constant worrying, ‘What If’s, endless ruminations. You may feel like you’re ‘stuck’ in your head, unable to stop worrying.

Performance | Presentation Anxiety

You may be feeling anxious when delivering a presentation/ speech, either to a group or on a one-to-one basis.


Problems speaking up in a group setting if a senior company member is present; inability to act assertively around key corporate people (CEOs, for instance).


Low self-confidence means you have trouble asking for what you deserve; you respond in a passive or aggressive manner; you don’t get full enjoyment out of life. Could lead to a low mood.


Problems ‘Speaking up’ and ‘Standing up’ for yourself; inability to ask for work promotions; inability to say ‘no’ to people and much more.

*All Therapy & Coaching Support Is Delivered Online (Zoom, Skype) Or Telephone*

What is CBT Therapy and how can it help?
*Worried about easing of Pandemic restrictions and how to readjust to life after lockdown? You’re not alone- read my guide on how to readjust to a ‘new normal’

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‘I want to thank Ivana for the support she gave me over the sessions I had with her. I’ve come away with a box of tools that I feel confident to use and they are already becoming a good habit. It is really amazing how much you can figure out with guidance, support and the right people to show you how. I love the tips and tricks I’ve learnt from Ivana, in addition to some of the deeper work we did in managing anxiety. A really good spend of my time, and I’d recommend Ivana to anyone who is committed to rolling up your sleeves and doing the work to understand more about yourself.’

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How severe is your Anxiety
*I'm not ready to talk about my issues yet | I'm looking for help for a friend/ family member. Please send me your therapy contact details for future reference:
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What is best therapy for Social Anxiety?
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What is Online Therapy?

‘I would not hesitate to recommend Ivana to anyone who is looking for help.

Quite simply she is excellent.

From the moment you meet Ivana, you know you are dealing with someone at the top of the industry.

She has a wonderful style that makes you feel at ease straight away and she explains clearly how she can help you which gives you immediate confidence that there is light at the end of the dark tunnel you are probably in.

I was in that dark dark tunnel having reached the end of a very stressful senior executive role – CEO of a global enterprise for over a decade – and needed a lot of help.

Ivana was amazing and did not hesitate to go the extra mile in helping me overcome my challenges.

The light is now back on on in my tunnel and I have the tools I need to deal with any situation.

Don’t hesitate to go and meet Ivana – she is world class and she will help you switch your light back on and deal with your challenges.’

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‘Ivana is a fantastic therapist and coach, with experience of helping many people across different professions and backgrounds. She has the ability to really listen and to tailor a programme to client needs whether on an individual or group basis. This really gets results as she can support people to find their own path that is right for them, whilst empowering for the long term through the techniques learned. I would also recommend Ivana as a speaker and trainer on personal development and wellbeing issues in the workplace and everyday life.’

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