‘Master Anxiety Program’ is aimed at clients with severe, deeply-rooted, long-term anxiety. Typically, the anxiety had been present in client’s life for a number of years and it’s spiralling out of control at times. Delivery over 17 days.

Understand Anxiety Spiral:

Gain Control In Anxiety-Provoking Situations

Manage Unhealthy Levels Of Anxiety

Deal With Underlying Issues

Understand How Anxiety Works

Reach Optimum Performance Levels

Live The Life You Deserve!


  • You’ve been feeling anxious for a while (perhaps years) and it’s affecting your day-to-day life;

  • Your personal / professional problems have underlying anxiety issues;

  • You often feel like you don’t have your anxiety under control;

  • You have ‘safety mechanisms’ in place, such as escape and avoidance;

  • You constantly question/ doubt everything you do;

  • You experience severe anxiety symptoms and even panic attacks often.


  • Social problems (avoidance & escapism);

  • Relationship problems (self-blaming, blaming others);

  • Work-related problems (inability to ask for promotion, lack of assertiveness);

  • Confidence & Self-Esteem issues;

  • Day-to-day life is controlled by anxiety- you have no control over it;

  • Severe physical symptoms- nausea, palpitations, feeling you are about to pass out


Our ‘Master Anxiety Program’ starts with Three Face-To-Face Anxiety Transformation Days. We will work intensively on your issues from 9 am till 6 pm. This is a comprehensive program and covers issues related to anxiety, as well as anxiety itself.



Introduction to anxiety- Thoughts- Feelings- Behaviour- What role do they play in anxiety

  • What causes Anxiety?

  • The anxiety spiral and CBT to the rescue;

  • CBT- try it to understand it;

  • Applying CBT to presented issues;

  • Negative Automatic Thoughts;

  • Looking at developed patterns- ‘joining the dots’.

Anxiety Transformation - Light Anxiety


Examining and responding to negative thoughts – Coaching tools

  • Negative thoughts: Are they REALLY true?

  • Recognising and looking at faulty thinking styles;

  • CBT- checking for evidence, playing detective;

  • Introducing Coaching tools to the mix;

  • Coaching Tools: Communication Methods;

  • Social Skills, Business Skills, Relationship Skills (as needed).

Luxury Anxiety Retreat


Behavioural Experiments- Practising Learned Skills- Preparing For ‘Real Life’

  • Learning to identify emotions;

  • Becoming emotionally intelligent;

  • Behavioural part of the therapy;

  • What are you doing as a result of your anxiety?

  • The role of the behaviour;

  • Behavioural Change.


After your Intensive 3-Day-Part of the program, it’s time to return to the ‘real life’. This will be your time to try and put to test all you have learned during the intensive part of the program. But don’t worry- I’m there to help you and guide you. We will have a follow-up session every day for 2 weeks. During these sessions, we will make sure you’re correctly applying CBT & Coaching tools and techniques to your life and anxiety-provoking situations.

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    Key Points:

    • If you read hundreds of books and free Internet articles on Anxiety, and still don’t feel any better, it’s time to take a different, pro-active approach.

    • Programs are flexible & adjustable.

    • Choose 9 or 17-Day-Long Program- see ‘Programs’ below.

    • I don’t promise miracles. The recovery will depend on you and how much of the hard work you’re prepared to put in.

    • What I DO PROMISE is my extensive experience with Anxiety, expert knowledge, systematic approach, wide range of therapy/ coaching tools and techniques, patience & understanding to guide you to RECOVERY.

    • Bottom line is: You deserve a life where YOU MANAGE & CONTROL ANXIETY- NOT VICE VERSA.