Ivana Franekova- Cognitive Behavioural Therapist & Life Coach With Over 17 Years Of Experience

Thank you for visiting my website. I am an experienced Cognitive Behavioral Therapist & Life Coach.  I have a Degree (Diploma) in Psychotherapy and a Post Gradual Degree in Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy.

I also have a Life Coaching Diploma- Advanced Life Coaching Skills and a Corporate & Executive Coaching Diploma.

Originally I trained as a Pediatric Nurse; however, it was always my dream to study Psychological therapies.

My main practices are located in The City Of London, United Kingdom and Stanmore, Greater London. During current Covid pandemic, I currently work Online only (Skype/ Zoom). I will start offering face-to-face appointments as soon as it deemed safe by our governing body.

My main expertise is Anxiety Treatment.

 We all feel Anxiety on some level in our daily lives. Healthy levels of Anxiety are beneficial to us; it drives us forward, it motivates us, it gives us that ‘buzz’ we need to get through the tricky situations. Our brain can not distinguish between Good and Bad Anxiety; it is the meaning, or the view, we take of the situations that determines how we are going to feel. So you see, if you think of an event as ‘happy’ (wedding, birth of a child), you feel good anxiety; if you think delivering a work presentation will be a catastrophe, you will experience bad, or unhealthy, Anxiety. It’s all in our minds!

You may think about coming to therapy when your Anxiety is no longer healthy and under control. If you’ve had bad anxiety over a number of years, left untreated, you may be experiencing ‘Chronic Anxiety’. There are many types of Anxiety, but I will simply put it into two categories: Work-Related Anxiety and Personal Anxiety. With both, you may be experiencing negative physical symptoms (sweaty hands, headache, feeling sick or throwing up, heart racing, difficulty breathing) and psychological symptoms (distorted thoughts, inability to think clearly, emotions jumbled up). Negative behaviours automatically follow: Escape, Avoidance, Withdrawal, Procrastination at work- a downward Anxiety spiral.

My treatment methods combine Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Coaching. I find these two types of interventions work well together. In addition to one -to-one sessions, I also offer Programs, Workshops and Retreats.

I have had my advice published in a number of magazine, including Pick Me Up, Women & Health, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Metro, The Sybarite:


  • Understand Anxiety;

  • Learn powerful Cognitive Behavioural Therapy techniques to gain control in anxiety-provoking situations;

  • Learn to manage anxiety before it spirals out of control;

  • Recognise behaviours that are feeding your anxiety;

  • Gain understanding of your anxiety-feeding thoughts and emotions;

  • Learn techniques and methods that can be easily applied onto other issues, such as low self-confidence. In other words, you will be equipped with ‘Tools For Life’.

  • You leave the program with your own ‘ToolBox’ to always refer to in the future. This contains all the tools and techniques we have covered during your program. The ‘ToolBox’ comes in Digital and Printed format.

  • I provide unlimited support to make sure you stay on the right track. I want to see you manage and control your anxiety in any situation and I won’t stop until you get there.

  • So book your Complimentary Consultation today and start your program tomorrow. Let’s stand up to your anxiety together.

Anxiety Therapy Programs