During this FREE, one- hour-long workshop, you will learn 6 ASSERTIVE ways of saying*NO*.

Stand up for yourself – Improve Self-Confidence – Gain Healthy Self-Respect

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If the thought of saying ‘no’ to others makes you feel uncomfortable, guilty and like you’re doing something wrong, book your seat at my FREE workshop.

Assertiveness is a very important life skill in both personal and professional life. The ability to stand up for what we believe in, and communicate it an assertive (appropriate) manner results in high self-confidence, increased self-esteem and healthy self-respect.

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*Your host Ivana Franekova is a Psychotherapist, specializing in CBT Therapy and a Life Coach with over 12 years of experience.

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Benefits of being assertive in life:

  • Instant self-esteem and confidence boost;

  • Your chances of getting what you want out of life improve greatly;

  • Handle personal and professional conflicts with confidence and self-assurance;

  • Ask for what you deserve, whilst allowing others to communicate their needs also;

  • Expressing yourself directly at the time means that resentment and anger doesn’t build up;

  • Improve coping skills;

  • Build stronger, fulfilling relationships in personal and professional life;

  • Improve inner-family relationships, including communication with your children.

Many people have great difficulty saying “No” to others.

Even people who are quite assertive in other situations may find themselves saying *Yes* to things that they really don’t want to do.

Here are some of the wrong beliefs we may have about saying *NO*:

  • Saying “no” is rude and aggressive.

  • Saying “no” is unkind, uncaring and selfish.

  • Saying “no” will hurt and upset others and make them feel rejected.

  • If I say “no” to someone, they won’t like me anymore.

  • Other’s needs are more important than mine.

  • I should always try and please others and be helpful.

  • Saying “no” over little things is small minded and petty.

What will you learn during my workshop?

  • 6 Ways of Saying “No” ;

  • The effects of not being able to say “No”;

  • Unhelpful beliefs: Why is it hard to say “No”;

  • Changing Your Thinking: More helpful beliefs about saying “No”;

  • Changing your Behavior: How to say “No”;

  • And much more!

This FREE workshop is not to be missed!

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