How do we assess your anxiety?

Our first session together will be an ‘Assessment Session’. This session will typically follow up a complimentary phone consultation we’ll have to assess your suitability to CBT Therapy & Coaching.

During your first session with me, we talk about your Anxiety.

We look at:

1. HOW the anxiety presents itself;
2. WHEN it typically shows;
3. WHERE (at work, in social situations);
4. WITH WHOM (key persons present- a new date, CEO, Manager etc);
5. WHY.

Next, we look at:

What do you do to maintain the anxiety?

You will have developed something called ‘safety behaviors’ to cope with your Anxiety.

The most typical safety behaviours are:

1. Avoidance;
2. And Escape.

While these behaviors may diffuse your Anxiety levels temporarily, they cause more damage to you in the long run.

Next, we look at:

1. Recent situation (or situations) during which you felt high levels of Anxiety;
2. Cognitions (Thoughts) associated with that event;
3. Feelings you felt;
4. Body sensations you experienced;
5. And consequent behaviours (actions) you did as a result of your Anxiety.

As you can see, our first session is a very important steps towards understanding your Anxiety spiral and creating a treatment plan together.