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*Deliver successful presentation when you struggle with Social Anxiety* Workshop:

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Procrastination Workshop:

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*Understanding Worry* Workshop:

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Assertiveness Workshop- 6 Ways To Say *NO*:

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*Understanding Social Anxiety* Workshop:

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Key differences between Assertive and Aggressive Person:

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What is Anxiety? What is the difference between Anxiety and Fear?

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Anxiety about going back to work after Lockdown:

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*Errors In Thinking*:

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Manage & Control Physical Symptoms Of Anxiety:

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What are Social Fears & first step towards removing them:

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The Art Of *Silence* When We Struggle With Social Anxiety

Oh, the Social Anxiety. It makes us QUIET when we'd love to say something, because we have all these negative thoughts about our communications skills, including: 1. I have nothing interesting to say. 2. Everyone will think I'm so boring. 3. I'd better not say anything- I might say something stupid and everyone will laugh. (By the way, this is in both personal and professional life). Then we have the [...]

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Anxiety And Procrastination At Work

Can Anxiety cause Procrastination? Absolutely. Anxiety and Low Mood can both result in Procrastination at work. In this article, I'm going to take a closer look at what Procrastination is, and how to help yourself if you struggle with Anxiety AND procrastination. Let's start with Procrastination: First of all, people mistake procrastination for “laziness”. They talk about it as if it was some nasty character flaw. But procrastination has nothing to do with being ‘lazy’, [...]

Social Anxiety At Work

In this article, we are going to be looking at some of the most common symptoms of Social Anxiety at work. We’ll also look at the impact of untreated Social Anxiety on your career and professional relationships. What is Social Anxiety? Social Anxiety is a fear of Social Situations. It’s normal to feel nervous in some social situations. For example, going on a date or giving [...]

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9 Steps To Improving Your Assertiveness

I just delivered yet another Assertiveness Workshop and I'm feeling so pumped up! Buzzing, in fact. The amount of self-confidence it instantly gives you is amazing. So I've decided to give you my top tips (THAT WORK) on how to improve your Assertiveness Skills. There are 9 simple steps that I follow (and teach): 1. Identify the situations you want to work on. Think about how you [...]

How To Get A Grip On Procrastination

Today, I was inspired to write about procrastination by a long-term, young client of mine. We've been working together for the past 2 years (on and off), as he struggles with Social Anxiety and Low Mood. A big symptom of both is procrastination, or a 'lack of motivation' to do things he should be doing. We've actually had quite a bit of a break, as he was stable and doing [...]

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How Assertive Are You Quiz

NEW! Self-Help Guide on *Building Assertive Mindset: A Guidebook and Workbook for Assertive Living* is Available Now on Amazon! Discover the power of assertiveness with my comprehensive guide, 'Building Assertive Mindset: A Guidebook and Workbook for Assertive Living'. This guide offers more than just illustrations of real-life scenarios. It delves deep into the complexities of assertiveness, providing concrete tools and techniques to [...]

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