Exclusive Anxiety Retreat In Slovakia

B E S P O K E   R E T R E A T   F O R   I N D I V I D U A L S 

Welcome to my Exclusive Anxiety Retreat, an unforgettable Mental Health & Well-being luxury recovery experience in a small picturesque village of Gbelany, Slovakia.  The retreat offers an opportunity to work on your Anxiety (and any other problems you bring into Retreat) in stunning, quiet surroundings of Chateau Gbelany. Get away from your usual hustle and bustle and step into an optimum healing environment.

Meet Ivana Franekova, Your Retreat Therapist & Coach

Available Dates:

Dates are set according to your availability.  Recovery | Transformation Part typically lasts 3 full days. You choose the total length of the Retreat. Minimum recommended term is 4 full days (3 of which will be spent working) to fully benefit from the Retreat.


(This Is A Bespoke Retreat- Designed Just For You)

Our Anxiety Retreat starts with 2-Hour-Long, Face To Face (in my private practice in Liverpool Street, City Of London or via Skype for clients not local to London)  ‘Discovery Session’ during which we will discuss your needs in depth. Once we have the information needed, a custom Retreat therapy/ coaching plan will be drawn up.

The recommended ‘working’ (or therapy) part of the Retreat is normally 3 full days. We will work intensively on your issues from 9 am till 5 pm. I make sure my Retreats are both fun and psycho-educational.



Introduction to anxiety- Thoughts- Feelings- Behaviour- What role do they play in anxiety

  • What causes Anxiety?

  • The anxiety spiral and CBT to the rescue;

  • CBT- try it to understand it;

  • Applying CBT to presented issues;

  • Negative Automatic Thoughts;

  • Looking at developed patterns- ‘joining the dots’.

Anxiety Transformation - Light Anxiety


Examining and responding to negative thoughts – Coaching tools

  • Negative thoughts: Are they REALLY true?

  • Recognising and looking at faulty thinking styles;

  • CBT- checking for evidence, playing detective;

  • Introducing Coaching tools to the mix;

  • Coaching Tools: Communication Methods;

  • Social Skills, Business Skills, Relationship Skills (as needed).

Luxury Anxiety Retreat


Behavioural Experiments- Practising Learned Skills- Preparing For ‘Real Life’

  • Learning to identify emotions;

  • Becoming emotionally intelligent;

  • Behavioural part of the therapy;

  • What are you doing as a result of your anxiety?

  • The role of the behaviour;

  • Behavioural Change.

*The sessions don’t need to be delivered sitting down in a practice. I offer dynamic, structured session delivery to active clients, meaning you can receive therapy & coaching whilst walking, hiking, sightseeing, basically in any way you desire. This also helps putting the techniques you learn into ‘real-life situations’ right away. It also gives you an opportunity to explore Slovakia whilst going through a process of recovery.


After your Intensive 3-Day-Part of your Anxiety Retreat, it’s time to enjoy the last day (or longer, depending on your requirements) of your Retreat and explore Slovakia. There are stunning mountains, luxury spas, shopping destinations and much more to explore.

Then it’s time to return to the ‘real life’. This will be your time to try and put to test all you have learned during the intensive part of the program. But don’t worry- I’m here to help you and guide you. We will have follow-up sessions every single day for 2 weeks and you will have constant access to me during that time. We will make sure you’re correctly applying CBT & Coaching tools and techniques to your life and anxiety-provoking situations.

It is well known in psychology that minds respond well to learning and training in peaceful, luxury and comfortable surroundings and that is the aim of the Anxiety Retreat- to provide optimum environment for your recovery. The retreat is tailored to your exact Anxiety requirements and needs. The Recovery Retreat Days (working intensively with me) will last 3 days, with your total Retreat time of 5 days at the Chateau Gbelany.

Your Exclusive Anxiety Retreat will be planned out before it starts and you will have your full itinerary before travel. To get started, you will receive a complimentary consultation with Personal/ Business Coach and a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist Ivana Franekova to carefully tailor and design your program.

When you arrive at your retreat, you will be given plenty of time to settle into your accommodation. This is your welcoming and warm, personal sanctuary. Your Anxiety Retreat Program starts the very next day and lasts 3 full days.

Reserve Complimentary Consultation To Learn More: