Anxiety Recovery Program

Custom-built Anxiety Therapy Program for CEOs, Senior Management & Entrepreneurs

Anxiety Therapy is a journey, and not an easy one. I offer empathy, deep understanding of your journey and support when and where needed. Yes, we have objectives to meet; but at all times we remember this is an emotional journey and we need to take our own time to successfully get there.

Your Therapist & Coach Ivana Franekova

Who is the Program for?

Intensive, or ‘Rapid’ Anxiety Therapy Program had been developed for busy clients from corporate environments, mainly Senior Management (Directors, CEOs, Entrepreneurs). Clients in these positions will be used to rapid learning, training and development and thus respond well to ‘Intensive’ therapy.  The structure and program format is adjusted to each individual client- the program itinerary below contains generic information only. I’m there to support you when and where you need me during the program- and yes, that includes any work situations you may be facing.

Do I Need Therapy?

There is a massive pressure in Corporate Environments, whether you’re employed or running your own business. Anxiety is very common in those environments and affects 1 in 2 people. I call this ‘Professional Anxiety’. You may find it spreads into personal areas as well, like a virus. In critical situations, you may experience negative physical symptoms (sweating, shaking, throwing up, endless trips to the bathroom), psychological symptoms (headache, mind ‘racing’, thoughts ‘distorted’ and emotions all over the place- we call this a ‘hijacked brain’). Behaviours automatically follow: Avoidance, Escape, Making excuses as to why you can’t do something, Withdrawal.

If you find yourself:

  • Fearing situations you have tolerated before (meetings, delivering presentations etc);

  • Using ‘Safety Behaviours’ to cope with your Anxiety (endless trips to the bathroom, excuses not to do something etc);

  • Escaping anxious situations;

  • Avoiding them altogether;

  • Experiencing regular unpleasant physical/ psychological anxiety symptoms and even an occasional panic attack;

  • Fearing you may lose your job/business as a result of your Anxiety,

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*Anxiety Transformation Program Starts At £2000 (Intensive Part Of The Program). Delivered in London, other locations upon request. Full Client Exclusivity & Support Throughout.

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Your ‘Anxiety Transformation Program’ begins with Two Face-To-Face Intensive Days, typically delivered in my Liverpool Street practice (other options available). It works best if clients choose to complete the Intensive Part over the weekend, so that we can start applying newly-learned tools and methods into every day working life from Monday.


Introduction to Anxiety- Thoughts- What role do they play in anxiety- Responding to negative thoughts

  • What causes Anxiety?

  • The anxiety spiral-working with your situation;

  • CBT- try it to understand it;

  • Applying CBT to presented issues;

  • Negative Automatic Thoughts;

  • Looking at developed patterns- ‘joining the dots’.

  • Recognising and looking at faulty thinking styles.


Coaching tools- Behaviour Experiments- Practising learned skills- Preparation for ‘Real World’

  • CBT- checking for evidence, playing detective;

  • Coaching Tools: Communication Methods;

  • Social Skills, Business Skills, Relationship Skills (as needed).

  • Learning to identify emotions;

  • Becoming emotionally intelligent;

  • Behavioural part of the therapy- the role of the behaviour;

  • Behavioural Change.


Daily Follow-Up Sessions For 7 Days | Guidance & Feedback | Face-To-Face | Phone | Email | Skype

  • Daily Scheduled Sessions to keep your progress on track;

  • Making sure goals are set and daily tasks completed;

  • Looking at how you’re applying learned tools and techniques;

  • Clarifying CBT or Coaching tools and applying them to ‘real-life situations’;

  • Checking any completed/ planned Behavioural Experiments.


After your Face-To-Face, 2-Day Intensive Part of the program, it’s time to return to the ‘real life’. This will be your opportunity to put all you have learned to test and to apply the tools and techniques we have covered to ‘real-life situations’. We will have a follow-up session every day for 7 days and it’s up to you what kind of support works for you best. I can be there personally for you, you can call me, email me, text me- you have my full support during those 7 days. We will make sure you’re on the right track, you’re correctly applying all you’ve learned and, most importantly, you are managing, controlling and working ‘with’, not ‘against’, your Anxiety.

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