What are ‘Behavioural Experiments’ and do they help with our Anxiety?

As a therapist working with Anxiety mainly, my absolute favourite part is something called ‘behavioural experimenting’.

The way we perceive and interpret events that happen to us:

  1. Cognition:

The way we see (perceive) what happens to us and form an opinion;

       2. And behaviour:

This is what we DO as a result of being unable to cope with Anxiety.

There are many therapists who do Behavioural therapy only, and it works well for phobias etc. But I always start with working on Cognition first and devote at least 3 sessions to that (one full day during the Program structure as we practice a lot), even though it may put some clients off. Hearing their negative thoughts and beliefs spoken about can be shocking to clients.

But then comes the behavioural part. We create experiments to ‘Stand Up’ to anxiety. We fight the fear with FEAR. We measure. We observe. We work on the feedback received and we adjust the goals. We MANAGE and CONTROL ANXIETY.

Try it today: put your fears to test. What happened? How did you feel? Was it really as bad as you thought it would be?

I’m here to help- come on an Anxiety Transformation Journey with me. It will be a hard work, but it will also be fun. Let’s stand up to it together.

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