9 Steps To Improving Your Assertiveness

I just delivered yet another Assertiveness Workshop and I’m feeling so pumped up!

Buzzing, in fact. The amount of self-confidence it instantly gives you is amazing. And yes, I’m talking as a Therapist | Coach. It’s not only beneficial for clients- I benefit, too.

So I’ve decided to give you my top tips (THAT WORK) on how to improve your Assertiveness Skills.

There are 9 simple steps that I follow (and teach):

1. Identify the situations you want to work on.

Think about how you normally deal with these situations. Do you normally deal with them in a passive or aggressive way? List these situations in order from easiest to hardest in an assertiveness hierarchy.

2. Identify any unhelpful thinking associated with these situations.

You may wish to re-watch my *6 ways on how to say no* workshop to identify beliefs you may have about being assertive:

How assertive are you? Take the quiz & receive immediate results

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3. Come up with a more assertive way of thinking about the situation (again, my video may help you);

4. Identify any unhelpful behavior you have been using when you have tried to do the task before.

Remember to look at both verbal and non-verbal behaviour.

5. Come up with a more helpful behaviour. 

6. Rehearse what you are going to say and do.

It can be helpful sometimes to write down what you want to say.

7.  Do the task you have identified.

8.  Once you have done the task, praise yourself for what went well and then work out what you might want to improve on next time.

9. Keep practicing until you feel comfortable being assertive in this situation.

If you’d rather work with me on your Assertiveness skills (to get these steps absolutely right + receive Assertiveness handouts, including hierarchy), please visit:

How assertive are you? Take the quiz & receive immediate results

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