Last year the BBC reported that 300,000 people in the UK leave their jobs every year, as a direct result of a mental health condition. The most common being anxiety, followed by depression.

To clarify, these people do not go on paid sick leave; they leave their place of employment altogether.

The overriding concern? A fear of being judged negatively by colleagues or management (ANXIETY).

A PR executive from London, who left a job that she loved rather than being honest about her condition, says:

‘Every time my manager asked me to take the lead on a client presentation, I would freak out. He didn’t know that I had anxiety and I was terrified that I would lose my job if he did. I wouldn’t sleep or eat for days beforehand and after the presentation was over, I’d cry in the toilets. I left the company before I was caught out.’

I asked whether she considered talking to her manager before resigning.

No. What if he told competitors, or other contacts that I was a nutter? I couldn’t risk it. Better to leave.’

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